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Why GPS Tracker is offline? – Reason and solution

GPS Tracker is offline for a lot of reasons. This is also a problem that many people will encounter when using Vehicle GPS tracker. Once this happens, it will cause cannot work. We need to know the reasons for the offline of Gps tracker and how to solve the problem quickly.


1, The current GPS tracker with SIM card, to check whether the phone SIM card is the real name and whether the arrears downtime

Solution: Contact the network operator to confirm

2, GPS tracker power line is Whether connection properly

Solution: Check the equipment wires in the car.

3. Problems with the GPS tracker’s communication module (GSM module).

Solution: Contact the service provider to replace the GSM module!

4, GPS tracker is in the signal blind area or weak signal

Solution: GPS positioning need an empty place, Position change

5, GPS tracker antenna damage

Solution: Replace with new one

6, SIM Card is not installed;

Solution: Reinstall the SIM card properly.

7, GPS tracker built-in module fails to locate.

Solution: If the Tracking device built-in module fails to locate, then should change equipment

8, If there is any Metal interference near the GPS Device

Solution: Should Remove the metal interference.

9, GPS tracker shutdown

Solution: Check if the device is normal Restart

10, If The server did not receive the reported data

Solution: Two aspects of the inspection, on the one hand, is the GPS tracker, on the other hand, is the server, both sides check, determine the problem, and then change.



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