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Types of GPS Tracking System

Personal trackers

Personal trackers monitor people or even pets. Usually, they work through a personal device like a pocket chip or bracelet. Then, the devices are activated. After activation, users can remotely locate and follow the device.

Asset Trackers

Similar to personal trackers, asset trackers can be used for non-vehicular items. Asset trackers can be anything from a small radio chip to large satellite tags.

Cell-based GPS vehicle tracking

Vehicle tracking, done with either cellular or satellite networks, is probably one of the most common types of GPS tracking.

Cell-based vehicle tracking is more common than satellite tracking. This system uses a device to capture data from the vehicle and then reports the data by using cell towers.  Compared to satellite tracking,   cell-based vehicle tracking costs less and reports faster.

Satellite-based GPS vehicle tracking

Sometimes, cell-based vehicle tracking will not work because cell towers are unavailable. Satellite tracking offers a solution to this problem. Through satellite networks, businesses can get updates from even the most remote locations!

Cellular-based tracking

The last example is cellular tracking. Currently, some businesses use cellphones as a GPS tracker. The process is quite simple – after installing a phone app, the phone uses Internet data to record and report its location.

Cellular tracking is a good compromise. The app is installed and activated during business hours. As a result, these companies were able track contractors even without installing an in-vehicle tracking device.

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