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How to track your jallikattu bulls?

Jallikattu is typically practised in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Jallikattu is conducted as a part of pongal celebrations on the mattu pongal day, which occurs annually in the month January every year. Jallikattu is a customary spectacle in which bull/kalais are relinquished into the horde of people. Mainly kangayam breed bulls are released into the crowd of people for bull races. In the ancient days bull races are commonly known as eru thazhuvuthal & manju virattu.

According to the modern world, bull races are known “Jallikattu” or “sallikattu”.

Let us have a look about the history of Jallikattu in short

History of Jallikattu:

Jallikattu is generally practiced from the age of tamil classical period. The ancient people aayars have started this sport to show their bravery.

Types of Jallikattu:

Vadi manjuviraṭṭu:

It is the most common category of jallikattu. The bull/kalai  is released in a closed space called vadi vasal. People try to wrap their arms or hands around the hump of the bull and hold on to it to win the award. Only one person is allowed to play the game at a time. Vadi manjuvirattu is commonly organized at various districts of Tamil Nadu like Madurai, Theni, Thanjavur, and Salem.

Veli virattu:

It is slightly different from Vadi manjuviraṭṭu but the rules are same. Here the bull is directly released into the open ground. This is popular in the districts of Sivagangai and Madurai.

Vatam manjuvirattu:

In vatam manjuvirattu, the bull is tied with a 15 m (49 ft) rope (vatam means ‘circle’ in Tamil). There are no other physical restrictions for the bull so bull can move freely anywhere. The maximum time period given is 30 minutes. A team consist of seven to nine members who can attempt to untie the gift token that is tied on the bull’s horn.

Thus we have seen the importance of Jallikattu. Most of the people feel worried if their bull misses.

Is there is any way to track your bull?

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