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    Geoshadow kids tracker Parents always remain tensed about the safety of their kids and this is quite an obvious thing. With the emergence of GPS tracking device for childrens, parents have got a complete freedom from this tension.The fast-paced modern age has come up with intelligent technologies to track your child in case there might be some dangerous situation in his/her way home. The Geoshadow kids tracker is very user-friendly and can work perfectly fine with mobile and other such web application. The main purpose is to provide personal security and safety for your loved once. How To Use It? The tracking devices are easy to carry with you. Due…

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    Indian Student Develops ‘Anti-Rape’ Underwear Complete With a Camera and GPS Tracker

    The underwear is locked, and when the rapist attempts to unlock it, a GPS alert is sent for the police and a video camera records the attacker’s face.  With increasing crime rate against women, the world is fast becoming a dangerous place for them. One of the most devastating crimes against women would be RAPE. Millions of women get raped and molested around the world on a daily basis. Not because they wore revealing clothes or “asked for it”, but because the attackers chose to victimize them. In addition to these mental and emotional effects of trauma, sexual assault and rape are crimes that violate the body. Many women are raped because they are vulnerable and…