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    AIS140 certified GPS Tracking system

    Geoshadow has launched a gps tracking system in the market with AIS140 approval. Track your vehicle with our award winning GPS tracking system. Geoshadow offers an government approved GPS tracking system which is compatible to both web and mobile platform. Many people are not aware about the AIS 140 approved GPS tracking system. So let us have a look about it. AIS 140 approved GPS tracking device The government of India has started an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) under the Automotive Industry Standard-140(AIS 140). The ITS is globally proven to optimize and regulate the utilization of existing transport infrastructure to the best of its capacity and features.The AIS 140 standard…

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    GPS Tracking Technology Benefits

    GPS Tracking Technology can help measure the health of your system to make sure it is always running at peak performance levels.  The following are some of the ways in which GPS Tracking Technology is benefiting companies right now:   Tracking The best means to safeguard your assets is to track them through every step of the project. A GPS Tracking Device allows a company to locate equipment and monitor how it is managed in real-time. The unit is usually discreetly attached to each piece of equipment and is ruggedized and weatherized resistant. Loss Prevention The true purpose of the tracking abilities to track is loss management. A large problem across all industries, theft…

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    GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution is a Boon and it is now !

      There’s a petrifying reality in the back of the emergence of fleet monitoring in India as a necessity, in keeping with an early 2016 record, “a car is stolen every 15 minutes in Delhi; price up 44% in view that ultimate 12 months”. But the issues do not close down there. Even worse is the truth that only 4% of these cars are recovered. It is the tale of the capital metropolis of India. It has become important to come up with a revolutionary way to this nuisance. An era has itself been an exquisite gift to mankind, and we hope to maintain bringing new adjustments into this world each day.…

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    How does GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices Helpful for Rented Cars

    A GPS Tracking Device can be very helpful for car rental companies to improve service levels and reduce damage costs. Installing a GPS tracker in your rented cars helps you to gain total control over it and access all the details about it anytime. It is a great tool to track your company vehicles once they move out of the office. Car Rental is an industry where damage or loss of a vehicle can financially affect the company budget. GPS tracking is a great tool to control on vehicles and gain maximum value on the investment. Here are some the main advantages of a GPS tracking device for rental cars.…