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    How to monitor driver behavior using geoshadow

    Utilizing GPS tracking with fleet vehicles should be a requirement and a gold standard for the driving service industry. There are countless benefits that lend themselves to greater trust and healthier relationships between managers and drivers.No matter what the business is whether it’s a fleet of drives, rental vehicles or fleet of drivers, it’s quite difficult to know the location of everything.   Reports & Monitor Driver Behaviour Geoshadow app acts as the third eye of an organization; it brings your whole business operation on your smartphone by monitoring & recording everyday operations activities Geoshadow offers to Access to report anytime, even if the task is still under progress which…

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    Some of the common queries regarding GPS Tracker

      Is it possible for a Vehicle GPS tracker device to work without internet? GPS device uses satellite signal for calculating the location as well as the speed of a vehicle. It does not need internet for that. Unfortunately, to send the calculated data to your device they need either internet or even SMS service. How much does it cost to buy a GPS Vehicle tracking unit? Considering the use of the device the price is affordable. Different kinds of products are available in the market now with the various price. Before you buy a GPS tracker offline compare the price with similar ones online. What should you do when…

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    Types of GPS Tracking System

    Personal trackers Personal trackers monitor people or even pets. Usually, they work through a personal device like a pocket chip or bracelet. Then, the devices are activated. After activation, users can remotely locate and follow the device. Asset Trackers Similar to personal trackers, asset trackers can be used for non-vehicular items. Asset trackers can be anything from a small radio chip to large satellite tags. Cell-based GPS vehicle tracking Vehicle tracking, done with either cellular or satellite networks, is probably one of the most common types of GPS tracking. Cell-based vehicle tracking is more common than satellite tracking. This system uses a device to capture data from the vehicle and…

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    Vehicle Tracking System

    Vehicle Tracking System use a combination of technologies to keep real-time tabs on the position of a vehicle or to construct a history of where a vehicle has been. These systems are used in a variety of industries, and they also a key part of most stolen vehicle recovery strategies. Most vehicle tracking systems use GPS technology, and some also make use of cellular or radio transmitters. Types of Vehicle Tracking There are two types of vehicle tracking, each of which is useful in specific situations. Passive The simplest vehicle tracking systems are passive in nature. These trackers typically use a GPS device to record the position of a vehicle over…

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    Vehicle Tracking System

    Vehicle tracking as you might expect is a service or process where vehicles movements are tracked. This same principle is true in both non-commercial and commercial vehicle tracking, though there are, of course, differences.Improvements in Essentially, hardware contains a GPS chip which acquires latitude and longitude or Geo coordinates from GPS satellites. Along with the Geo coordinates other data like ignition, AC, temperature, fuel level of the vehicle is transmitted to telemetries cloud servers using GSM Network This data will be analyzed and presented in an intuitive dashboard and report to the stakeholders in the system. In the scope of the data, many reports and alerts can be generated  …