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    Geoshadow kids tracker Parents always remain tensed about the safety of their kids and this is quite an obvious thing. With the emergence of GPS tracking device for childrens, parents have got a complete freedom from this tension.The fast-paced modern age has come up with intelligent technologies to track your child in case there might be some dangerous situation in his/her way home. The Geoshadow kids tracker is very user-friendly and can work perfectly fine with mobile and other such web application. The main purpose is to provide personal security and safety for your loved once. How To Use It? The tracking devices are easy to carry with you. Due…

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    How to monitor driver behavior using geoshadow

    Utilizing GPS tracking with fleet vehicles should be a requirement and a gold standard for the driving service industry. There are countless benefits that lend themselves to greater trust and healthier relationships between managers and drivers.No matter what the business is whether it’s a fleet of drives, rental vehicles or fleet of drivers, it’s quite difficult to know the location of everything.   Reports & Monitor Driver Behaviour Geoshadow app acts as the third eye of an organization; it brings your whole business operation on your smartphone by monitoring & recording everyday operations activities Geoshadow offers to Access to report anytime, even if the task is still under progress which…

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    Bull Tracker | Jallikattu live 2019

    Jallikattu is a traditional bull taming event where Pulikulam or Kangayam bull is released into a crowd. The participants of the crowd individually attempt to grab and hold on to the bull’s hump for a determined distance and time. The goal of people is to remove the packet of money tied in the bull’s horns. Jallikattu is considered to be the ancient sport. Jallikattu sport is 2500–10,000 years old which is usually held during thai pongal across several locations in Tamil Nadu. The primary sallikattu event is held at alanganallur. It is the most famous bull taming event. This bull taming sport can also be named as “Eru thazhuvuthal”,”manjuvirattu” in…

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    Save Jallikattu Bull | Locate in real-time

    It’s 2018, Jallikattu got its right back. It takes place annually on the Mattu Pongal day (a day in January month) at Tamil Nadu. Jallikattu is also known by sallikkattu or Manju virattu. In the ancient period, the practice is described as yeru thazhuvuthal, literally means “Bull embracing”. The modern term jallikattu, refers to prize coins that are tied around Bullhorn and participant have to retrieve it to win and Manju virattu literally means Bull Chasing. Training of the Bulls: The Bull training for the Jallikattu and Manju Virattu starts off in November. The owners/trainers will start feeding the bull with high nutritious diet. Training takes place in open space inside…