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Save Jallikattu Bull | Locate in real-time

It’s 2018, Jallikattu got its right back. It takes place annually on the Mattu Pongal day (a day in January month) at Tamil Nadu. Jallikattu is also known by sallikkattu¬†or Manju virattu. In the ancient period, the practice is described as yeru thazhuvuthal, literally means “Bull embracing”. The modern term jallikattu, refers to prize coins that are tied around Bullhorn and participant have to retrieve it to win and Manju virattu literally means Bull Chasing.

Source: Wikimedia

Training of the Bulls:

The Bull training for the Jallikattu and Manju Virattu starts off in November. The owners/trainers will start feeding the bull with high nutritious diet.

Training takes place in open space inside the cattle farm followed by swimming in the lakes. During severe drought conditions, few trainers prepare water tub and training will be given inside it.

Source: Wikipedia


Bulls enter the competition arena through a gate called the vadi vasal. Typically, participants must only hold onto the bull’s hump, and in some variations, they will be disqualified if they hold onto the bull’s neck, horns or tail.

There may be several goals to the game depending on the region. In some versions, contestants must either hold the bulls hump for 30 seconds or for 15 meters (49 ft). If the contestant is thrown by the bull, they lose. Some variations only allow for one contestant. If two people grab the hump, then neither person wins.

Bulls after the crossing the specified arena region will be taken back by the owners. There are times, where bulls run far off and go to next villages or nearby farms/forest. Owners go in search of it. As the time for catching bull takes more, the search area extends a lot. To overcome this situation and to save our bulls, here arrives the tracking technology.



First time in India, the tracking technology specifically dedicated for tracking bull is built by Geomeo Informatics. The tracker will be fit around the neck.

Bull Tracker (a product of GeoShadow) uses GPS Technology. The Bull’s location with real-time updates, precise location information, and directions by a single touch of a button accessible from anywhere an internet connection is available.

Bull Tracker is a waterproof, lightweight GPS tracking device for your Bull. The device operates even in 2g technology. This device can also be serve tracking service for other animals such goat, cow, dog, cat, etc..

Battery Life: 48-72 Hours
Weight: 130grams

For more information on the product contact: +91-9894523958