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Indian Student Develops ‘Anti-Rape’ Underwear Complete With a Camera and GPS Tracker

The underwear is locked, and when the rapist attempts to unlock it, a GPS alert is sent for the police and a video camera records the attacker’s face. 

With increasing crime rate against women, the world is fast becoming a dangerous place for them. One of the most devastating crimes against women would be RAPE. Millions of women get raped and molested around the world on a daily basis. Not because they wore revealing clothes or “asked for it”, but because the attackers chose to victimize them. In addition to these mental and emotional effects of trauma, sexual assault and rape are crimes that violate the body.

Many women are raped because they are vulnerable and weak, that is why women need protection. They need to defend themselves—and there are actually some “anti-rape” devices out there. In times when we see people standing on the sides as mute spectators, and a society that blames the victims, it is about time for women to stand up and fight to protect themselves. According to a report by BBC, India has the world’s largest population of sexually abused children, with a child under age 10 raped every 13 hours.

With this in mind, Indian student Seenu Kumari developed an anti-rape underwear using the cheapest materials available. The underwear features a lock, a GPS alert for police, and a video camera to record an attacker’s face.

Seenu was born into a poor family in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh. She spent less than RS.4,554 in creating the device, which comes with an emergency call button and a combination lock.

Kumari said: ‘I have put a smart lock that won’t open till you key in the password. I have also installed an electronic device that is equipped with a GPS and calling facility.

‘When somebody tries to molest a woman, this device will send out messages to relatives of the woman and also to the police.

‘The cop would be able to arrive at the crime scene following the GPS and foil the rape attempt.’

She has also installed a video recorder so that it could capture and store the identity of the culprits.

The teenager added: ‘A woman doesn’t need to wear this underwear always. She can wear it when she is traveling alone or if she finds a place unsafe.

‘This can help save the woman from wicked men who would try to violate her dignity.’

When a woman is attacked, she could press a button on the device which would call a pre-set emergency number. The prototype for the underwear has been sent to the National Innovation Foundation in Allahabad for patenting.

The creator said: ‘If we use better quality of clothes and equipment, it will be ready to be use and sold in the market.’


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