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How Vehicle Tracking Improve the Fleet Efficiency?


To begin with- there are two kinds of vehicle tracking system- active and passive tracking system.

Active vehicle tracking system helps you to transmit and share data constantly. While a passive vehicle tracking system performs similar tasks and transfers data systematically.

Using the tracking system, you will be able to monitor fleets, know the stopping time of each vehicle, and get valuable suggestions on improving the fleet efficiency.

Another merit is that, without asking a third person, you and your entire team members can monitor and obtain real-time information about vehicle fleets.

Thus resulting in a remarkable increase in profit of your business.

Here are certain useful data that can be received from the modern tracking system for making the right decision in your business:

  1. Route statistics
  2. Vehicle speed
  3. Route efficiency
  4. Fuel management
  5. Inside view of a vehicle
  6. Voice chat facility

Discreet monitoring and feedback

By careful monitoring via a tracking system, you can keep track of the vehicle stops on a particular day, breaks taken by fleet drivers, and monitor the route diversion.

With this system, you can easily track the time wasted by each employee, and thereby, increase productivity to a large extent.

Paperless operation

With the introduction of a GPS vehicle tracking system, there is no need to prepare an intricate report for every vehicle trip.

The reports from a system are more accurate and credible than that of a manual record.

Fuel efficiency checks

Once a vehicle tracking system is installed,  Speed and fuel efficiency of the vehicles can be monitored effectively and extensively.

Hence, you can cut down a fair amount from the hefty monthly fuel expense.

Decrease phone bills

When a tracker is attached to your vehicle, there is no question of making phone calls to know the whereabouts of your fleet.

You can avail the help of vehicle tracking system and can see where your vehicle is in real time.

Thus the money spends on the calls and other methods of vehicle tracking can be put to another use.

Automatic Scheduling

Using the vehicle trackers, you can pre-schedule your vehicle service and conduct vehicle maintenance without any failure.

This helps you to cut down unnecessary vehicle repair costs by planning vehicle maintenance automatically at the right time.

Value-added software integration

Integration with third-party software can be advantageous to your business.

This is because every fleet operation such as order taking, invoicing, delivery management, etc. can be easily done using the single software.

Easy calculation of ROI

Using the tracking software, you can calculate the ROI accurately and easily, on the basis of employee details, fuel cost, number of vehicles you own, working days, hourly wages, etc.

With the effective use of a GPS tracking system and the reports obtained from it, you will be able to take the better decision and increase the value of your business.

Due to this particular feature, the tracking system is accepted in various specialized areas like educational institutions, tourism, hospitals, logistics, armed forces, etc.

Hence, it will be wise for you to install a vehicle tracking system if your ultimate goal is to have a successful business.


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