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Geoshadow kids tracker

Parents always remain tensed about the safety of their kids and this is quite an obvious thing. With the emergence of GPS tracking device for childrens, parents have got a complete freedom from this tension.The fast-paced modern age has come up with intelligent technologies to track your child in case there might be some dangerous situation in his/her way home.

The Geoshadow kids tracker is very user-friendly and can work perfectly fine with mobile and other such web application. The main purpose is to provide personal security and safety for your loved once.

How To Use It?

The tracking devices are easy to carry with you. Due to its portable feature, Child GPS Tracking Device India can also be placed in the school bags of your children. After it is activated, you can find the location of your children using mobile phones and other web application.

The GPS tracking device is itself a light-weight mechanism which is about the size of a debit card. These devices use the GPS and GSM features. By those features, you can track the current location along with the details. You will also get geofence notifications from the device. One useful fact about this device is the SOS button. After pressing it one emergency message will be sent to contacts of the parents and family members.

Tracking devices specifically built for school goers and girl childs are especially advantageous since it provides a special feature by which it automatically turns on and off after your children have safely reached the classroom.

Advantages Of  Kids Tracker:

You trust this device with your child’s safety. This is when you should consider the advantages you will get for using it:

  • Portability: Your child can carry it easily in their bags because it is lightweight. The size of a credit or debit card makes this device easy to take along even in pockets.
  • Application installed in smartphone: You can actually install this application  in your parents smartphone and easily track their location through the web application.
  • Demarcation of areas: You can actually demarcate locations in safe and unsafe zones so that when any movement is done, a notification will be sent to you immediately

This device is also capable of sending alerts and notifications when your child is in danger.for more details feel free to call us 9894523958

You can get detail about GPS and its features at or you can schedule a free demo for more.

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