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How to monitor driver behavior using geoshadow

Utilizing GPS tracking with fleet vehicles should be a requirement and a gold standard for the driving service industry. There are countless benefits that lend themselves to greater trust and healthier relationships between managers and drivers.No matter what the business is whether it’s a fleet of drives, rental vehicles or fleet of drivers, it’s quite difficult to know the location of everything.


Reports & Monitor Driver Behaviour

Geoshadow app acts as the third eye of an organization; it brings your whole business operation on your smartphone by monitoring & recording everyday operations activities

Geoshadow offers to Access to report anytime, even if the task is still under progress which gives you the opportunity to make improvise in case of a change in plan. It avails all the insight reports that a business needs to maximize your its profits.

Access Mobility

Geoshadow app gives you the mobility of accessing the data from anywhere and anytime with just a few clicks. With real-time data, you can watch the progress of operations that are underway and manage in case of any mismanagement.


Try the App for Free

You can download Geoshadow app for your Android and GPSVTS for your iPhone from their respective stores & try it for free. 

for a free demo than contact us at 9894523958

our technician will share all the detailed information with you.






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