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How Driver Behavior Affects Safety and Profitability of Fleet owners

Do you know that a single accident can cost your company hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in repairs, downtime, and increased insurance premiums? According to the RASI(Road accident Statics of India), the cause of 94% of Accidents is driver behavior error.

How do you know what mistakes your drivers are making? Driving behaviors such as speeding, hard braking, sharp turns, and quick lane changes can put your drivers at risk of getting into an accident. Preventing these accidents, and avoiding risky driver behaviors across your entire fleet, can seem impossible, but with fleet safety management software it’s simple.

Using Geo shadow Fleet management software to monitor your fleet driver’s actions behind the wheel. With these insights, you can pinpoint problematic driver behaviors and develop personalized training to correct the issues.

What Causes Unsafe Driving Behaviors? 

Factors that influence driver behavior such as other drivers on the road can contribute to the development of unsafe driving behavior. Unsafe driving habits are everywhere, and like most other things, people tend to mimic the actions of others around them including competitive and dangerous driving behaviors. While this sounds like a problem, drivers can just as easily be taught that safe driving behavior is normal.

In fact, studies have shown that drivers have a desire to conform to what they perceive to be normal driving behavior. “People like to ‘fit in’ with what is normal, so rather than highlighting the fact that lots of people admit to using their phone occasionally, why not highlight the fact that, at any point in time, the clear majority of people do not use their phone while driving?” By showing drivers that the average safe driver does not check their phone, speed, and hard brake you can influence drivers to be safer on the road.

Even the most experienced drivers can develop unsafe driver behaviors. Commercial drivers are not immune to the influences of other people or media, and because they spend so much time behind the wheel, they need to ensure that they are ignoring those unsafe impulses.

Distracted driving is a leading cause of risky driver behaviors. Commercial drivers and regular drivers are distracted by cell phone usage, consuming food and beverages, and even driver fatigue every day.

Commercial drivers who are on the road for long stretches at a time or are continually driving from job to job can find themselves relaxing on standard safe driving practices. Speeding and distracted driving can cause accidents in any vehicle, but the severity of those accidents and the risks increase in commercial vehicles because of their size.

A truck traveling at 55mph will take approximately 512 feet to stop. Any increase in speed will increase that number. Accidents occur when there are other vehicles on the road and not enough room to stop. Heavy vehicles traveling fast will generate a more significant impact in an accident. To prevent this, drivers must learn to be aware of both their speed and surroundings.


How Geo-shadow Software Monitors Driver Behavior


Geo Shadow Software solves many of the problems that companies with large fleets face. Between unauthorized vehicle use, excessive fuel consumption, and distracted driving there are hundreds of ways that your business can lose money each day. With Telematics software, you can keep track of your fleet and its resources.

Safety features that focus on driver behavior monitor, track, and score unsafe driving behaviors. Driver behavior monitoring modules can be customized to track speeding incidents, hard braking, and acceleration depending on the needs of the fleet. This feature sends real-time alerts, as well as tracks historical trends, to pinpoint and help correct risky driving behaviors.

Letting your drivers know that their driving behavior is being monitored is a great way to create accountability. Driver accountability ensures a safer and more efficient fleet. Driver coaching and training can help drivers re-learn safe driving techniques and quickly correct bad habits.

Driver Score Card Safety and Behavior Monitoring

Driver scoring is just another way to reach employees who may feel distant from the company and its policies because they are on the road so often. “Driver Behavior scoring modules aim to solve the driver safety problems that face companies with large fleets”. Effective fleet management requires state of the art technology to monitor and correct driver behavior


Driver behavior scoring does more than just pinpoint unsafe driving behaviors, it creates a sense of accountability and a method to target and improve overall fleet safety.

Creating a sense of community across your fleet can be challenging, but with the use of driver behavior monitoring through a fleet management system, you can keep track of all the drivers in your fleet at once. The ability to see where they are and what they are doing is helpful from a fleet management standpoint, but how does this help build community?

Measure a specific driver’s safety against company goals and other drivers. Alert them to their unsafe behaviors and motivate them to improve upon those by letting them know that their driving behaviors, and those of the rest of the fleet, are being tracked and scored.

It is not enough to just track unsafe behaviors, monitoring paired with driver scorecards allows drivers to see exactly which unsafe habits are putting them in danger. Once a driver understands that repeated speeding in residential zones or hard braking at lights causes his score to increase, he will be motivated to make changes in his driving behaviors.

There have been many cases in which fleets have saved thousands of dollars, prevented loss of their insurance plan, and improved fleet efficiency.