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GPS Tracking System in Madurai-GeoShadow

When comparing to the other GPS Tracking Systems,  

GeoShadow – GPS Tracking System” – stands unique for its quality and features.

While most GPS service providers depend on Chinese software and server,

GeoShadow has their own developed world-class software and server which secures your data with 256-bit encryption and stores your data in their own private Indian servers.


Here are some advantages of using GeoShadow GPS Tracker over other GPS Tracker devices

  1. Live Analytics – Can track any number of vehicles at a time in the single window.
  2. The exclusive mobile app will be provided for every business entity in your own name.
  3. Can be integrated with your SAP or other existing ERP systems.
  4. GPS location update time interval is very less (8 Secs).
  5. On Demand Location update via SMS too.
  6. Alert Alarm for device  
    1. wire cut-off
    2. power supply cut-off.
    3. Low battery
    4. Oil cut-off
    5. Vibration alarm for the source.
  7. Uses 256-bit Encrypted data transfer protocol, so your data will be 100% secured and safe.
  8. Highly durable and reliable.
  9. RFID Feature can also be added.
  10. Heavy vehicles like JCB can also install this device.
  11. White labeling available.
  12. Waterproof –  IP65 Insulating belt to extend life.
  13. All types of customization are possible.
  14. Immediate Request really is immediate now.
  15. A simple interface to make any type of request.


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