Fuel Monitoring System
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Fuel Monitoring System

The demand for fuel monitoring systems is on the rise. The reason for this demand is obvious. All the transport and logistics corporations have the common goal of minimizing costs with maximizing efficiency. To attain such success, it’s a necessity to micro manage your fleet. Thus, the fuel monitoring system comes into play to keep a track on the fuel usage with the control at your fingertips.


What is Fuel Monitoring System?

A fuel monitoring system is a solution that works with help of a fuel sensor which is mounted in the vehicle’s fuel tank. This solution helps in identifying fuel theft or loss from the tank, which can be by means of overfilling or draining. Unfortunately fuel theft is very common in transport and logistics businesses. To find out how fuel monitoring system can help your business, read further.


The Problems

Overfilling the vehicles in your fleet can cost your business extra. The drivers could use the petroleum bunks to fill their personal canisters and sell it or use it for their personal needs. The draining or fuel theft usually takes place when the vehicle is at stop on the roadside and the driver isn’t around the vehicle.


Every time there is the case of overfilling or fuel theft, it costs financial loss and mental distresses for the owner of the vehicles. By investing in fuel monitoring systems, you can experience the difference in a month’s time. Fuel tracking solutions can detect fuel theft and rapid depletion instantly and react to the scenario instantly.


Why Invest in Fuel Monitoring Systems?

By investing in fuel tracking solutions you have the advantage over your competitors in making your business run efficiently. As mentioned earlier, the problems of fuel theft and overfilling can be nullified. Generate reports on demand, from anywhere at anytime via App notifications, emails and SMS. Keep a close track on the fuel usage. Monitor the number of kilometres covered is accounted for the amount of liters consumed by the vehicle.

Fuel monitoring system is easy to install and suits with most vehicles.

Fuel Monitoring System

In conclusion, The installation of fuel monitoring devices for your trucks, buses or vans makes it worth every rupee. Get and stay ahead of your competitors, not to mention, with a peace of mind and complete monitoring of your fleets’ fuel usage. Why wait? Contact Geoshadow today!

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