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Bull tracker-Locate your bull with GPS Now!

Bulls are considered as the important asset in various parts of Tamil Nadu. Bulls are known for its muscular strength and aggressiveness. In Tamil Nadu a famous bull competition is being organized every year during the time Pongal.

Generically it is known as “Eru Thazhuvuthal”. People use different phrases to denote the bull competition. The most popular phrases are “Jallikattu”,”Manjuvirattu”.

During these competition, people may miss their kalai/bull. According to the survey 15% of bull getting missed at the end of each manjuvirattu. People treat bull as their family member. So they feel upset if they miss their bull.

People may think,

Is there is any solution to track my bull?


“Technology is changing the world”


Technology has made a favour to the people who are owing their bull/kalai.

It is nothing but a BULL TRACKER

Do you have any idea like

What is a bull tracker & its working?

Bull tracker is used to track & monitor your bulls in a real-time. Bull Tracker is an efficient, effective tracking device for your Bulls.

How bull tracker works?

  • Live Analytics – Track any number of bulls/kalais in a single application.
  • Bull tracker can be integrated with your SAP or other existing ERP systems.
  • Exclusive mobile app will be provided for every bull owner to track your kalai.
  • Track your bulls and its exact GPS location in every 5 secs
  • Get your bull location update via SMS too.
  • Highly durable and reliable device to track your bull

Geoshadow has launched the bull tracking device in the year 2017 with many outstanding features to safeguard the kalai.

About Geoshadow:

Geoshadow have developed their own application to track the bull in a real time at any remote locations. Geoshadow offers some interesting features like

  • 24×7 Customer support on call and chat options available.
  • simple interface with responsive control panel for tracking your bull.
  • one year warranty for bull tracking device.

Website: https://www.geoshadow.tech/

Customer Support: 9894523958

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