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Bull Tracker | Jallikattu live 2019

Jallikattu is a traditional bull taming event where Pulikulam or Kangayam bull is released into a crowd. The participants of the crowd individually attempt to grab and hold on to the bull’s hump for a determined distance and time. The goal of people is to remove the packet of money tied in the bull’s horns.

Jallikattu is considered to be the ancient sport. Jallikattu sport is 2500–10,000 years old which is usually held during thai pongal across several locations in Tamil Nadu.

The primary sallikattu event is held at alanganallur. It is the most famous bull taming event. This bull taming sport can also be named as “Eru thazhuvuthal”,”manjuvirattu” in various regions of Tamil Nadu

Problem at Jallikattu event:

During the event of jallikattu many kalai/bulls may get lost. The owner of kalai gets disappointed because they treat their bull/kalai as a family member.

“Every problem has a solution”

The solution to safeguard the lost bull can be tracked easily by the bull tracker.

What is a bull tracker?

Bull Tracker is an efficient, effective tracking system for managing your Bulls. It is a Live tracking system with high security. Bull Tracker with GPS can solve all your problems related to your bull.

Track,monitor & analyze your bulls in a real time

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Many districts in Tamil Nadu conduct the jallikattu event. But till today no one has telecasted the Jallikattu live 2019 in the mobile apps. In madurai, police have planned to telecast the Jallikattu live 2019 inMadurai Kavalan App.

Enjoy the Jallikattu live 2019 event in your mobiles!

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