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AIS140 certified GPS Tracking system

Geoshadow has launched a gps tracking system in the market with AIS140 approval. Track your vehicle with our award winning GPS tracking system. Geoshadow offers an government approved GPS tracking system which is compatible to both web and mobile platform.

Many people are not aware about the AIS 140 approved GPS tracking system. So let us have a look about it.

AIS 140 approved GPS tracking device

The government of India has started an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) under the Automotive Industry Standard-140(AIS 140). The ITS is globally proven to optimize and regulate the utilization of existing transport infrastructure to the best of its capacity and features.The AIS 140 standard helps in improving the transportation system in terms of efficiency,comfort, quality and safety.

The vehicles on the road is increasing on daily basis. Thus the government has framed the guidelines which specify the emergency and safety standards in all kind of public transport systems. AIS-140 guidelines is most reliable in use. The AIS-140 standards helps commercial users and public people in the traffic management and reduces the environmental impact. Thus the congestion on the roads can be decreased in the metro cities.

Need of AIS-140 GPS Tracker

The AIS-140 standard GPS tracker can be integrated in all type of vehicle. Track your vehicle easily in real time under government guidelines.Government has released a new law for all transport system to implement AIS-140 GPS tracker in all their vehicles.


  • State transport undertakings – Intercity & Intracity
  • Private bus operators – Intercity & Intracity


  • Car and bus taxi fleet owners or operators (incl. corporate fleets)
  • Taxi hailing service providers
  • Self-driven car rental operators
  • Rental taxis operator


All institution must use this AIS 140 approved GPS Trackers to track their school and college buses.

Are you looking for AIS 140 approved GPS Tracker?

Geoshadow has developed a AIS-140 standard approved GPS tracking devices for all types of vehicle.We offer services all over the India.To know more about us give us a missed call:9894523958

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