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    7 Safety Tips To Truck Drivers For Long Drive

    Truck driving is a tiresome task which needs long hours of work and patience. Apart from the physical tiredness, mental stress also sets in after long hours of long distance driving. This might be one of the reasons for the increased rates of Fatal and non-fatal accidents among truck drivers. Drivers need to check on certain factors on road safety, especially before long drives   Have Enough Fuel It is advisable to have enough fuel before the journey. GPS trackers can help you to plan the route in advance and organize your journey with breaks and refreshing points en route. Keep Papers Prompt License, Registration, Insurance, etc. need to be…

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    Why GPS Tracker is offline? – Reason and solution

    GPS Tracker is offline for a lot of reasons. This is also a problem that many people will encounter when using Vehicle GPS tracker. Once this happens, it will cause cannot work. We need to know the reasons for the offline of Gps tracker and how to solve the problem quickly.   1, The current GPS tracker with SIM card, to check whether the phone SIM card is the real name and whether the arrears downtime Solution: Contact the network operator to confirm 2, GPS tracker power line is Whether connection properly Solution: Check the equipment wires in the car. 3. Problems with the GPS tracker’s communication module (GSM module).…

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    1. Which tracking data is relevant to your business? Most GPS tracking systems available in the market today provide detailed information concerning your fleet of vehicles such as driver & vehicle data, alerts, and reporting. Some systems can even exchange information with the drivers. It is important to determine what specific information is best suited for your business. And more importantly, how you will apply it to your processes. Otherwise, you can get lost in all of the information and spend more time tracking your vehicles, than utilizing the information for the purpose of improving your business processes. 2. How will your employees react? Prior to implementing a system, you…

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    The Ultimate vehicle GPS tracking system in madurai

    Geo Shadow is an intelligent tracking solution to make our lives simplified, safer and more comfortable. Fleet (Vehicle) management includes a range of functions, such as vehicle maintenance, vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, speed management, fuel management, health and safety management. FEATURES OF THE APPLICATION Live Tracking By installing GeoShadow, you could start tracking your vehicle, asset or person lively. Our application is built with synchronizing relays that update you with the live status of your loved things Reports Our application generates various reports based on user’s needs, such as Trip Summary, KM Summary, Ignition/Movement/Over speed/Idle and Parking reports. Activity Tracking One Touch algorithm is built to help…

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    Benefits Of GPS Tracking Devices For Fleet Management

    GPS tracking device can bring a number of significant benefits to fleet management operations. Most of these benefits are efficiency related assisting businesses to reduce costs and improve profitability. Benefits of GPS tracking devices for fleet management include: #1 GPS tracking devices provide route optimization With GPS trackers installed in your fleet vehicles you will have real-time data on the location of every vehicle in your fleet allowing you to send the ideal route for your fleet vehicle to take to avoid delays due to construction, traffic jams or accidents. #2 Decrease response times for improved customer service Installing tracking devices in your fleet vehicles will improve your response times in…

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    GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution is a Boon and it is now !

      There’s a petrifying reality in the back of the emergence of fleet monitoring in India as a necessity, in keeping with an early 2016 record, “a car is stolen every 15 minutes in Delhi; price up 44% in view that ultimate 12 months”. But the issues do not close down there. Even worse is the truth that only 4% of these cars are recovered. It is the tale of the capital metropolis of India. It has become important to come up with a revolutionary way to this nuisance. An era has itself been an exquisite gift to mankind, and we hope to maintain bringing new adjustments into this world each day.…

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    Advantages of a GPS tracker in fleet management?

    GPS vehicle trackers are used by companies to make their fleet more fuel efficient and productive whatever its size. These improvements can result in significant savings, with most firms who install trackers seeing a drop in fuel costs of between 15% and 25%.   A Good GPS tracking system will help you make informed decisions and schedule trips more efficiently, thus reducing the downtime of your vehicles. Additional benefits to utilizing GPS Tracker with your fleet include vehicle security and improved customer service. GPS Fleet tracking solutions allow you to monitor your vehicles and get detailed insights on fuel usage, driver behavior, engine idling, etc. in real time. With the data…

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    GPS Personal Tracker

    When we mention the words GPS personal tracking what comes to mind? The helpless feeling of a parent who has lost track of their child in a crowd? A worried spouse who fears what the worst every time their partner is late in coming home? An employer who just wants to know if the people they are paying to do a job are actually getting the job done? Whatever your needs may be there is a personal GPS tracker designed specifically to fit them. The Personal GPS Tracking Device New technology brings better personal GPS tracking devices, ones that are portable, extremely compact, and as time evolves, devices that have longer and longer battery lives. Information…

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    Indian Student Develops ‘Anti-Rape’ Underwear Complete With a Camera and GPS Tracker

    The underwear is locked, and when the rapist attempts to unlock it, a GPS alert is sent for the police and a video camera records the attacker’s face.  With increasing crime rate against women, the world is fast becoming a dangerous place for them. One of the most devastating crimes against women would be RAPE. Millions of women get raped and molested around the world on a daily basis. Not because they wore revealing clothes or “asked for it”, but because the attackers chose to victimize them. In addition to these mental and emotional effects of trauma, sexual assault and rape are crimes that violate the body. Many women are raped because they are vulnerable and…

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    Will a 2G GPS tracker work on a 3G network?

      In short, NO, it will not. However this shouldn’t cause you any alarm. It main base on the Communication chipset. the 2G unit use 2G GSM chip and it only can connect with 2G channel. so the 2G unit can not work under 3G/4G network. In the market some devices said it support 3G sim card but notice not 3G network, they are different. Now many countries are shutting down 2G network, because the 2G network takes a lot of resources to support the small market like GPS tracking or car alarm. also the smart devices and mobile data traffic grew, the demand for faster speeds is increasing. for the…